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about the author

Bolivar Beato was born in Manhattan, New York to immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic. Grew up in Rhode Island; Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls. Moved around a bit, New Hampshire, Florida. Drove cab, delivered pizza, before getting into graphic design.

writing misadventures in a nutshell:

17 Pages: Bo wrote his first screenplay—hand written—yup, long way to go.

Later: Wrote first real screenplay, got positive feedback and was well on his way, then…

Bad Idea: Researched screenwriting…ugh!

Brilliant Plan: Shelve the good stories and write average ones.

Hope: Catching a break.

Result: Mediocre screenplays, a lost decade, a failed writing career.

10 Years Later: Surgery helped with sleeping disorders—fog lifted, cobwebs cleared!

Thought: Hey screenplays!

Dilemma: How to not write crap and not make someone else rich…

Conclusion: Write novels... (insert joke here)

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