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Age of Immortals

It's an age of great immortal Ancients and powerful magic: the residual energy from the first moments of Creation. Constant war has decimated the solar system and the abuse of magic is tearing their sacred Pangaea apart. Epochs after the end of the Million years War, the ascension of the Kindred threatens to further destabilize a fragile peace as an ancient enemy threatens to return.

But is he a destroyer ...or a savior?


Sinners and Saints, Freefall: It’s a clash of wills as two Rangers from opposing factions within their own

organization hunt for a relic whose loss might have world-shattering repercussions; both politically and magically.

Age of Genesis

As humanity struggles to survive in a dying world where men and women live mostly segregated--based on

fanatical views inherited from the long-dead and forgotten Kindred--they are challenged with a new and terrifying struggle: the evolution of humans into strange and powerful hybrids.


Then, the emergence of a new powerful threat sets the stage for a cataclysmic showdown.

Twinsblade: A lone trader seeks her place in the world and against all odds she dares to find it.

Now, she and her "pet", strike an uncomfortable alliance with a band of rebels, their mysterious benefactors, and a powerful ex-Myrmidon warrior. 

Age of Ages

Humanity has reached the pinnacle of its evolution both in body and essence. The Immortal species are

long extinct, and most what remains of their kind live in hiding. An elite cult, however, know some have survived. Now, the fate of humanity is at stake when a gifted magus learns his father is involved with the cult that seeks to use the Ancients long-lost dark magic for their own gains. 

Trinity: A thief, a fairy, and a ranger walk into a bar...

Three volatile souls clash in an epic story of love, lust, and magic. But will coming together complete their lives

or tear them apart? Follow the adventures of three loveable losers are being driven by a fate they don't understand.

Age of Pangaea

In order to stave off humanity's extinction due to cataclysmic climate change; the most powerful Magi on

the planet came together to create their only hope for survival…Pangaea. But with all resources dwindling fast--including magic--governments and heroes alike must contend with powerful crime syndicates, religious zealots, and would-be upstarts for control.


Children of the Ages: On a decimated planet, where not only the world and its people--but also

magic itself--is dying out, seven maladjusted, lawless, teenage misfits could be Pangaea's last hope for survival. 

If they can manage not to kill each other...

Age of Nations [Coming Soon]

The world is governed by an autocratic secret cabal… After millions of years in hiding, the remaining Immortals finally seek to bring about humanity's end… Atlantis, long dormant, begins its slow rise with the goal of killing them all… The secret society, Pangaea, is humanity's only hope…

Illuminati: Five unlikely allies come together to stop a secret cabal from destroying the world.

Age of Mortals

Humans have long been extinct. Humanity and the “Immortal” species have fully integrated and evolved

into a new set of species, but not all is right with the world. After an epoch of peace, the world is in chaos, all its majestic urban metropolises are crumbling, and now the global para-military terrorist group known as Ffaraon has declared war on all society.


I, Ranger: When the unthinkable happens, an elite Ranger with a dark past and darker secrets, and his newly assigned and unwanted partner, must bring justice to the victims. Together they hunt for whoever is responsible for the vile act. Meanwhile, his newly assigned partner's motives as well as the reason for her assignment to him remain a mystery he must solve or suffer mortal consequences.

Age of Galaxies

After epochs of conflict, all of Pangaea's species were finally at peace as humanity reemerged, creating a stable

hybrid genome. Unity bred discovery, then curiosity. Collectively, they decided to embark on the greatest undertaking they had ever known: the exploration of the universe. Unfortunately, they were not alone.


The Primal Five had a plan… 

Uncharted:  The somewhat dysfunctional crew of the semi-sentient spaceship--the Hairy Usumgallu--find adventure, magic, and mayhem [mostly of their own making] in an unexpectedly desolate universe.

Age of Reckoning

Humanity's final judgement is at hand. The supercontinent has come full circle epochs after humanity returned home. But now, with constant instability, an ever-shrinking landmass, and the looming shadow of a prophesied mountain: the life of every Pangaean stands on a razor's edge.


Is this group of "heroes" the prophesied return of the Seven, or are they pretenders…

Seven Hells: An outlaw on the run. A marshal on her trail. A madman in their way.

A town caught in-between. 

A secret that threatens to destroy them all.

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