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Bolivar Beato

writer/creator; Pangaea: Myth of Ages

At age 22, Bolivar I conquered his home planet and was named Suber Prime King Regent of the cosmos. After a scandal revealed his mother had bribed his way into college, he was exiled to Earth. Some would say that was a step sideways, others would say it was a step in the other direction…

more about bo  ♦  Instagram @bbink.comics


Zidiyat Chaouqui

Concept Artist; Pangaea: Myth of Ages

Artist; Age of Mortals, Age of Galaxies, Age of Reckoning

Zidiyat lives in Errachidia, Morocco where he currently attends university, volunteers as an art teacher, and works part time as a freelance comic book and concept artist.   ♦  ♦  Instagram @roku_art


Anastasiia Zozulia

Artist; Age of Immortals

Anastasiia was born and lives in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. She graduated from Kharkiv Academy of Design and Arts in 2018, and participated in the 7th Guanlan International Print Biennial in China in 2019.  She has experience in environmental game design, digital drawing, and monumental painting, and is fascinated by working on her first graphic novel.  ♦  ♦  Instagram @birdzozu


Carlos Tostes

Artist; Age of Immortals, Age of Genesis

Carlos was born in Mogi das Cruzes and now resides in Arujá, São Paulo - Brazil. A self-taught artist with a degree in architecture, he has been working exclusively as an illustrator and in comics since 2015.  ♦  ♦ Instagram @xxiii_art


Mihailo Miljanovic

Artist; Age of Ages

Mihailo is a freelance illustrator, storyboard and concept artist from Kalinovik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He uses a variety of styles from cartoon to realistic and is passionate about telling stories through artwork.  ♦  Instagram @mihailomd


Roberto Armas

Artist; Age of Pangaea

Roberto lives and works in Santiago, Chile. He is versatile in several styles but specializes in digital art, concept art, comic, and manga styles.  ♦  Instagram @imp_blues


Abdessalam Mouataqid

Colorist; Age of Mortals, Age of Galaxies

Abdessalam "Shinja" Mouataqid was born in 1993 in Morocco where he still lives and works as a freelance artist. He graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan (Comic Section) where he developed a solid formation in comics illustration and concept art: varying between school, workshops, internships, and online courses. He is very passionate about visual storytelling and takes great pleasure in creatively combining the narratives with the visuals. ♦  Instagram @abdslam_shinja


Antonia Sifakaki

Colorist; Age of Galaxies, Age of Reckoning, Age of immortals

Antonia Sifakaki is a self-taught artist born and educated in Greece, currently studying at the Agricultural University of Athens. Passionate about art from a young age, she never gave up on her dream and finally, in cooperation with other artists and writers, she is able to bring characters and their stories to life.  ♦  Instagram @dodo_and_drawings


Natalia Gulic

Colorist; Age of Genesis, Age of Mortals

Natalia Gulic is from Moldova; a nice, small country where she works as a pharmacist. She has always been fond of painting, drawing, knitting toys and sewing, finally having the chance to do it more seriously starting in 2017. Coloring comics is her favorite art form.  ♦  Instagram @natalia_gulic


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