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AoI-Freefall cover issue 1.jpg

Sinners and Saints;

Freefall, Issue 1

(Age of Immortals)

It’s a clash of wills as two Rangers from opposing factions within their own organization hunt for a relic whose loss might have world-shattering repercussions; both politically and magically.


Cry Freedom, Issue 1

(Age of Genesis)

A lone trader seeks her place in the world and against all odds she dares to find it. Now, she and her "pet", strike an uncomfortable alliance with a band of rebels, their mysterious benefactors, and a powerful

ex-Myrmidon warrior.

AoG-Cry Freedom  cover issue 1.jpg
AoA-Freedom Fries Cover Issue 1.jpg


Freedom Fries, Issue 1

(Age of Ages)

A thief, a fairy,

and a ranger walk into a bar...


Three volatile souls clash in an epic story of love, lust, and magic. But will coming together complete their lives, or tear them apart?

Follow the adventures of three loveable losers being driven by a fate they don't understand.

Children of the Ages;

Olly Olly Oxen Free, Issue 1

(Age of Pangaea)

On a decimated planet, where not only the world and its people but also magic itself is dying out, seven maladjusted, lawless, teenage misfits could be Pangaea's last hope for survival. 

If they can manage not to kill each other...

AoP-Olly Olly Oxen Free cover issue 1a.j
AoM-Freedom of Speech cover issue 1.jpg

I, Ranger;

Freedom of Speech, Issue 1

(Age of Mortals)

When the unthinkable happens, an elite Ranger with a dark past and darker secrets, and his newly assigned and unwanted partner, must bring justice to the victims. Together they hunt for whoever is responsible for the vile act.


Meanwhile, his newly assigned partner's motives as well as the reason for her assignment to him remain a mystery he must solve or suffer mortal consequences.


Free Space, Issue 1

(Age of Galaxies)

The somewhat dysfunctional crew of the semi-sentient spaceship--the Hairy Usumgallu--find adventure, magic, and mayhem [mostly of their own making] in an unexpectedly desolate universe.

AoX-Free Space Cover Issue 1.jpg
AoR-Free Country Cover issue 1.jpg

Seven Hells;

Free Country, Issue 1

(Age of Reckoning)

An outlaw on the run.

A marshal on her trail.

A madman in their way.

A town caught in-between. 


A secret that threatens to destroy them all.

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