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She made a promise, she would save her little brother. No matter what.

Six years old and he is going to die.

But they’re running out of time.

In less than two years, sometime around her thirteenth birthday…she’ll go insane

And if her parents don’t stop her—if her father doesn’t kill her—she’ll kill anyone and anything unlucky enough to stumble across her path.

Including them.

Including her little brother...

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     Zari cast a worried glance toward her father. However unlikely, the possibility remained he could freeze to death. They should have made camp long ago but he insisted on reaching the dive site by midafternoon, which she agreed to—six hours ago, before the rogue blizzard, when temps stood steady at minus-seventy-degrees. The thought being they could rest until noon the following day, instead of breaking camp at first light. Now, at minus one-o-five with fifty-mile-per-hour wind gusts, the nor’easter forced their pace down to a slow, trudging walk, and it’ll take at least another half-hour to make the site.

     The centuries had not been kind to the Earth. The little blue pearl, once floating devil-may-care at the edge of the galaxy, had aged into a bitter, near-single iceberg: a frozen inferno born of humanity’s hubris. The kind of place that made every breath a burden and every dream a sin. Snow fell like a reminder of every failure and howling winds chilled bones and soul alike.

     Zari sighed, if it got any colder, she might have to put her boots on.

     As if reading her mind, he screamed back to her, his voice muffled by his mask and muted by the howling winds. Probably yelling at me to cover my head. Only dad could give me a look through his goggles. If it was that important, he’d a used the com…

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